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Unique Industry Knowledge

Agama leverages local resources and on-the-ground market intelligence in order to identify less obvious trends and dynamics throughout the value chain which impact production, markets, and distribution channels. We provide our clients with robust market due diligence giving them confidence in their agricultural investments and partnerships.  Our crop research includes surveys supporting detailed and accurate cost and return analysis.


Project Pipeline

Unlike other research consultancies in the region, Agama Partners identifies and qualifies a pipeline of prospective deals and operating managers to align with our client’s investment strategies and risk tolerances.

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Agama’s industry research offering is a first step toward project development. By incorporating specific client interests throughout a research engagement, Agama is then well positioned to identify and develop investment opportunities that meet identified priorities and objectives.

Who We Are

Agama Partners is an agriculture industry research and project development organization providing services to global investors and northern hemisphere fruit producers. Our focus is Chile, Peru and Colombia (“the Andean Region”), where we have a proven ability to access and manage significant agricultural investments. Motivated by integrity and core values, Agama Partners prioritizes sustainability and impact as principal cornerstones of each project.