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About Our Company

Agama Partners is an agriculture industry research and project development organization providing services to global investors and northern hemisphere fruit producers.

Agama Partners was founded in 2016 by Bradley Gittings and Greg Simon with the purpose of fostering South American farmland and crop investments as a viable asset class for foreign institutional and corporate investors. The crux of the Agama Partners business model is to provide a pathway to market-entry into the region that accounts for and avoids the pitfalls that have befallen numerous foreign investors and growers in the past.

Gregory Simon

Partner & Founder

Located in Austin, Texas, Greg’s primary responsibility at Agama Partners is to lead project formation, investor relations, and deal structuring. Greg has been involved in private equity investments in Latin America since 2008 as the former Managing Director of the family office, Cloud Break Advisors, which led equity investment exceeding $250M USD into agriculture, bio-fuels, forestry, and real estate in the region on behalf of U.S. pension funds and private investors. Greg is both a U.S. and Panamanian citizen with residency in Colombia. Greg holds a Master of Real Estate Development from the University of Southern California and a Bachelors of Arts from the University of California at Berkeley.

Bradley Gittings

Partner & Founder

Bradley oversees Agama's Industry Research. He has conducted projects for numerous U.S. and European pension advisors as well as for some of North America's largest fruit growers looking to establish a presence in Chilean and Peruvian agriculture industries. Bradley has over 20 years of experience in investments including equity research, fund distribution and investor relations. In Chile, prior to the formation of Agama Partners, Bradley worked as Head of International Distribution for LarrainVail and as an Advisor to EuroAmerica Investment's launch of an institutional asset management business. He is currently living in Vancouver, British Columbia. Bradley has a bachelor’s degree from the University of California at Berkeley.

Max Hamdorf


Max is a Technical Agronomist with more than 12 years of experience in Hazelnut operations. On behalf of this family, Max developed a 500-hectare hazelnut orchard in the seventh region of Chile. As the largest private grower and the largest private hazelnut supplier to Ferrero Group in Chile, Max has sound practical expertise and market knowledge of commercial hazelnut productions as well as a competent network in the Chilean agricultural sector. Max's main responsibility at Agama Partners is the concrete implementation, management and control of modern hazelnut plantations in Chile according to Agama’s goals and strategies.

Allan Cooper


Allan is responsible for the execution of Agama’s hazelnut business plan as it relates to business development, distribution, non-farm management operations, government relations, legal, and back-office administration. Allan has developed a 14 year career in building forestry, dairy, and agricultural operating companies in Chile with specific focus on business operations and distribution. In 2019 Allan received the prestigious international Nuffield Farm Scholarship Trust award which is provided to only 20 agribusiness individuals per year globally. Allan holds a Masters degree in Economics from the University Adolfo Ibañez.

Kai Krogh Hemmerde


Kai supports Agama’s research and project development in Peru. He has more than twenty years of Peruvian agroindustry experience and has held several managerial roles, most recently as GM for Agro Exportaciones Grace in Peru’s northern growing region. At Agro Exportaciones Grace Kai led development with land acquisition, securing of water permits, general planning and financing, and with the inclusion of a packing house. Kai was also the Founder and GM of San Bartolito, a pork production, sales and marketing company. Earlier in his career Kai was Fleet Supervisor for Kairo S.A and led the company through its acquisition of NEPESUR in 2002. Kai holds a degree in Business Administration from Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas UPC, and a degree in Industrial Engineering from Universidad de Lima.

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With local resources and on the ground expertise, Agama can deliver industry research that that provides insight beyond traditional market intelligence.

Who We Are

Agama Partners is an agriculture industry research and project development organization providing services to global investors and northern hemisphere fruit producers. Our focus is Chile, Peru and Colombia (“the Andean Region”), where we have a proven ability to access and manage significant agricultural investments. Motivated by integrity and core values, Agama Partners prioritizes sustainability and impact as principal cornerstones of each project.